Wes Dyer and Stephen Toub: Rx and Px - Working Together

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The Discussion

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    both Rx and Tpl are awsome Smiley

    but i do feel like there is still a blit of an overlap, "Start" is the most obvious example. will there be even tighter integration in the future do you think?


    is there any perticular reason for using Observable.Start instead of Taks.Factory.StartNew(..).ToObservable?



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    20 characters less to type is not a good reason? Tongue Out

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    Maybe what we need is something like LINQ Query Expressions but for TPL? What I mean is an embedded DSL within C# and VB.NET for expressing parallel patterns and which the compiler can then transform into explicit dot-heavy TPL method invocations.

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    well i guess Smiley but there are lots more options in StartNew than in Start, i think the redundacy is a little confusing.. imo its more clear whats going on if only the tasks was used for that

    (but thats just my personal taste)

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    I really would like to know how Microsoft positions the CCR story in comparisson with Rx and PFx!?!


    Wasn't CCR all about concurrency and coordination?

    That makes one think that PFx and Rx in combination is a political vehicle against the CCR?


    I think that there must be more people out there that needs a kind of an explanation about this! So far CCR was just a part of the Robotics Studio; would that mean that in the future RS will use Rx and PFx?


    Thanks and reagards,


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    They are orthogonal technologies.... There is no conspiracy here.


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