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    1. How to add more "Color Schemes" to the existing list, are they customizable

    2. How to add more "Header Themes" to the existing list, are they customizable

    3. Can we audit the page content changes, if so can that feature be enabled/disabled?

    4. Some companies already have their web-pages hosted by 3rd party companies.   Does the tool support importing those pages in your tool. Can you please Demo that

    5. I would be happy to see few of the fatures which are explaining REAL-Life scenarios

    6. Are there any live webcasts planned on full-blown demo of this new product?

    7. Terra mentioned something about 22 applications. What are these and where can we get them?   Could you please provide the list? Is there a single please where we can get the list please?

    8. Of these 22 applications, very few are most commonly used.  Can somebody point us to most commom pain-point
       people encounter implementing them

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    Good work Charles and everyone at C9.  We have C9 videos playing from time to time in the "fun" boardroom that has the pool table.  Many times we just stand there watching when we should be doing important work like playing pool.
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    Prabhupr, many of your questions are already answered, some are new.  I'd encourage you to cross-post those questions over on the Office Live Community

    Regarding real-life scenarios, the Office Live team blog documents how we have responded to feedback from real users of the Office Live v1.0 beta and gives scenarios for some of the more advanced features.

    Regarding applications, Office Live has a variety of productivity apps in the Collaboration and Essentials packages such as Project Management, Calendaring and Contact Management.  They are found under "Business Applications".  These are very light-weight and designed for non-technical small business users.

    The reason we are getting the word out to developers now is that our upcoming release will move to Windows SharePoint Services version 3, which has a lot of great new functionality.  That's where developers can really take those base applications and extend them with new WSS features such as workflow, cross-web lookups and all the great new integration with Office 2007.

    Thanks again Don for coming over to talk with us!  We hope to have more content for Channel 9 as we get closer to shipping the final version of Office Live, currently scheduled for late this year.

    Program Manager, Office Live
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    Hey folks, I'm trying to get the word out to people who might be interested in developing solutions for Office Live about our upcoming Early Adopters Program.  Since so many people have watched this video on Channel 9, it seemed like a good place to mention it.

    We want to get Solution Developers onto an early release of the next version of Office Live!  We know that it's far from perfect, what 1.0 feature is?  Wink  So we hope that having early adopters working on the platform will help us prioritize what improvements we need to make.

    We're currently taking applications and will be selecting participants for the program in the next few weeks. The deadline for applications is 9/15/06.

    Go here if you are interested in learning more about participating in the Early Adopters Program.


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