What's so open about Open XML? Part 1

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Recently, I sat down with some of the minds behind Office's Open XML to talk about Open XML, the new Open XML SDK and related stuff. What's the big deal? What's so open about it? How does it represent a major shift in the way some Office applications construct and store data? What are the implications of Open XML on interoperability (do you even need Office to open an Open XML-based Office document)?

Meet Brian Jones, Senior Program Manager, Art Leonard, Developer, Kevin Boske, Program Manager and Doug Mahugh (aka Mr. Open XML), Technical Evangelist. If you want to really understand Open XML and what it means to Office programmability, then these are great people to communicate with; on their blogs, of course.

Here, you will get a taste of what Open XML unleashes for Office and non-Office developers alike. This is part one of a two part interview.

Check out the Open XML screencasts.


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