Windows 7 Release Candidate is here (for MSDN and TechNet subscribers)

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      this was the best beta OS I have ever used.  Please make some commercials to battle the idiotic apple ones.  They prey on ignorant people with those muck racking tactics (blame the other guy means i'm innocent BS!).  I have a mac with Leopard on it.  It crashes, it requires software upgrades which require it to restart , it sometimes just hangs and I cant even use the task manager to kill culprit. 
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    servers seems to be pretty hammerd.. im not able to get either key or iso Tongue Out and this is only for the msdn subscribers.. i wonder how things will be on tuesday Smiley how they beef up the servers soon, i'd hate to have to revert to torrent sites :/
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    I agree with Moemeka best OS beta ever!! Runing stable with RC no problems at all. Great pc gaming performance as well i was surprised since Vista beta was picky with everything. Great Job MS!!
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    Rohit wattal
    i Must say windows 7 rocks....!!!!!!!!!!!1 in all the ways  be it toggling around windows frommtask bar or using the indexing feature every part of W7 is amazing...i'm anxious enough to wait for RC.....
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    I'm really impressed with the decrease in boot times (full and from hibernation) from RC. Coming out of hibernation is speedy. Also, great job on the audio improvements in RC, Mr. Osterman. Niner Paolo and team have knocked desktop search out of the park. I need to go talk with Michael Fortin et al to learn more about the improvents in SuperFetch and perf/reliability generally.

    Amazing release, Windows team!


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