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    winCE is pretty cool but installing it is an absolute pain.. you have to download like 5 diffrent msi:s and thats only because there was a new release recently, before you hade to townload dussins of msi:s one for each monthly update. this is a major pain, in the year 2009, automatic online updates is an absolute requirement.


    its also very very annoying that no later version than vs 2005 is supported for platform builder.... i had to install 2005 and a bunch of sp:s and patches to get it to work on win7, just to get at that designer.. why not suppoer later versions? its not like 2008 just came out, and the latest release of platform builder is only a couple of months old. why not have a stand alone tool?

    (ice is mentioned but i havent seen that for winCE)

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