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Windows Embedded Standard is a general purpose OS, based on the Windows codebase, that is highly modular and fine tuned to run on a number of devices ranging in size and complexity (but less powerful and kess general purpose in nature than your average PC) that are x86/x64 powered (casino gaming consoles, retail kiosks, hand-held devices, etc). The next version of Windows Embedded Standard will arrive some time in 2010 - thus the name Windows Embedded Standard 2011. 

Windows Embedded is the general term for all Windows embedded products including Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Embedded Compact (aka CE), Windows Embedded Server, Windows Embedded Enterprise.

For the Windows Embedded Standard product line, product examples are Windows XP Embedded (aka XPe), Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 2011, Windows Embedded POSReady 2009.

We figured it would be a good idea to meet some of the developers who write Windows Embedded Standard to get a better understanding of, well, exactly what it is and where it is going. Here, we meet and chat with Windows Embedded Standard developers Oren Winter, Jon Parati, Mike Moini and Milong Sabandith. What are the key new features in Windows Embedded Standard 2011? What is Windows Embedded Standard 2011, exactly? What's Windows Embedded CE, again? How is Windows Embedded related to Windows proper? Windows Embedded Standard 2011 is built from the same sources that make up Windows 7? What's different between the two and why? How is Windows Embedded Standard able to be so modular? What's the developer story for Windows Embedded Standard 2011? And more. Tune in. Classic Channel 9.

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    winCE is pretty cool but installing it is an absolute pain.. you have to download like 5 diffrent msi:s and thats only because there was a new release recently, before you hade to townload dussins of msi:s one for each monthly update. this is a major pain, in the year 2009, automatic online updates is an absolute requirement.


    its also very very annoying that no later version than vs 2005 is supported for platform builder.... i had to install 2005 and a bunch of sp:s and patches to get it to work on win7, just to get at that designer.. why not suppoer later versions? its not like 2008 just came out, and the latest release of platform builder is only a couple of months old. why not have a stand alone tool?

    (ice is mentioned but i havent seen that for winCE)

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