Windows Home Server: PDC 08, New Features, Meet some of the Team

Play Windows Home Server: PDC 08, New Features, Meet some of the Team
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Windows Home Server is evolving. To learn about how to take advantage of the new capabilities of Windows Home Server, we sit down with Program Manager MCJ Saretto, Product Manager Mark Pendergrast and Software Developer Brendan Grant, aka dahat on Channel 9. Yes! Another Niner joins the ranks of Microsoft! Brendan is well known for the great add-ins he's written for Windows Home Server and, equally as important, for the full size Channel 9 Guy costume he created a few years back. Welcome aboard, dahat! It's great to have another excellent developer join  the Happy Death Star.

Tune in the learn a bit about the next release of Windows Home Server, what devs will get to program against and meet some of the people who passionately drive Windows Home Server evolution. As always, the conversation is non-linear with a splash of fun and an extra helping of humanity. Windows Home Server is a great product and these folks are part of the reason why.


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