Windows Vista AppReadiness: Finding and Sharing Information about the Applications that Work and Don

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Microsoft is in the general purpose, mass market operating system business (client and server). You've heard of the client operating systems which fall under the Windows brand. You know of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Many of you have written Windows applications that you expect to function correctly when new Windows versions come to market. The Windows team bends over backwards when it comes to backwards compatibility.

Of course, some applications do not just work on new versions of Windows. Why not? Developer error? Sometimes. More often than not it's that subtle and not so subtle changes in the underlying system will break functionality you took for granted (perhaps it wasn't really functionality that Microsoft provided explicitly, but rather one of those undocumented "features" that probably shouldn't have been surfaced to public callers, but, oh well...).

You've seen Windows Vista application compatibility videos on Channel 9 before. Here, I sit down with Bruce Burns, Application Compatibility Guru and Director, Stella Chernyak, Director, Windows Vista Product Management, and a familiar face on C9, Dave Wascha, Director, Windows Vista Product Management. Wow, only senior people in this conversation!

Bruce and team, in partnership with the Windows Vista product management team, have created a really useful website where you can both search for and submit information on Windows application "readiness" for Windows Vista: "Does app X work on Vista?" or "Hey, Microsoft, App Y does not work on Vista." You get the idea...

Learn about Windows Vista App Readiness, Compatibility in general, and meet some of the minds who focus much of their efforts on making sure Windows applications survive Windows evolution.




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    [C]I am haveing problems with openning my windows mail if any one could give me any help it would be great I am able to get it from web2mail but not windows mail   HELP!!!!!!!!![C]
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    Note that the "Application Compatibility Cookbook" that they mentioned is a setup program that (ahem) doesn't always run correctly on Vista.

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