YOW! 2011: Bjorn Freeman-Benson - Software Psychology

Play YOW! 2011: Bjorn Freeman-Benson - Software Psychology

The Discussion

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    Good talk. Charles, agree that way forward for concurrency may be to do it less and copy more at least for shared state. As strange as that sounds. I have thoughts on a new sync primitive called "sync" that combines thoughts from monitor, reader/writer, and actors messages, but keeps things in the imperative world. Thoughts here. Comments welcome.


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    Chris Hanson

    I've really been enjoying these YOW! chats, but the audio has been (literally) painful.

    It sounds like you made a two-track recording — which is great, it's why your audio sounds so good! — but instead of mixing them down to one balanced stereo track, you just threw your track in the left channel and your guest's track in the right. This creates a "ping pong" effect that can give listeners using headphones a headache.

    To avoid headaches, the audio doesn't have to be a 50/50 mix either; you can do something like a 67/33 mix, so you're louder on left and your guest is louder on right, but there's still some of you on right and still some of your guest on left.

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    @Chris Hanson: Sorry about that. Next time, I will do as you suggest. I simply didn't think about this while editing all of these videos. Of course, I wasn't wearing earphones while editing, but that's no excuse. Thanks for bringing this up.


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    Why sound is heard so bad?

    The video quality is excellent, but the sound...

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    All paths come to channel 9 :)

    I end up watching this talk while researching about CoolDraw (<~ HotDraw <~ Unidraw)

    Thanks Charles and Bjorn, very interesting!

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