YOW! 2011: Kevin O'Neill - Mobile App Development, PlayUp, Objective-C, Windows Phone

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Kevin O'Neill is the technologist at large for the social sports network PlayUp where he's working to build the ultimate social network for live sport on mobile devices. Kevin's fingerprints can also be found on the mobile products from Lonely Planet to realestate.com.au. As a speaker Kevin regularly shares his thoughts on technology, delivery processes, user interaction and creating great product teams.

Kevin's a big fan of Objective-C. We talk about this, of course. Not sure we can agree on the "beauty" of ObjC, but who cares... Kevin and team are kickin' butt and takin' names using the technology and building powerful tooling around it to support their in-house mobile development efforts. Kevin's the first ObjC developer I've interviewed, so we spend some time geeking out on it. 

It turns out that Kevin is a big fan of Windows Phone and looks forward to bringing PlayUp's mobile apps to Microsoft's new mobile platform - one which guarantees a consistent experience for both developers and consumers across varied WP7 devices. This is one of Windows Phone's best features for developers and consumers who use apps: a platform that guarantees consistent user experiences across several different WP devices. This consistency is great for developers and app users alike. I look forward to seeing PlayUp on WP7!

Thanks for joining us on C9, Kevin! Keep pushing the mobile app envelope, playing guitar and howling at the moon.

Kevin's YOW! speaker page

The YOW! Developer Conference offers outstanding opportunities to learn more about the latest practices, technologies, and methodologies for building innovative software solutions as well as the chance to meet and network with international software experts and other talented developers in Australia. Thanks to Dave Thomas and the event's excellent staff - Mary Catherine (MC), Lisa, Aino, Melissa, and others - for inviting me to this excellent pure developer event and thanks to all of the speakers for letting me take some of their time to record conversations for Channel 9. If you live in Australia, or aren't too far away, or just like to travel (who doesn't?), then you need to go to this yearly event. It's outstanding. There are many great developers down under. That's for sure. The speakers are exceptional—Dave and team set a high bar!



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The Discussion

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    Cool talk, Objective-C still sucks. Smiley (IMO, I guess I need to add this)

    Slightly funny, that he can see the problems with Android's openness\fragmentation, yet imbraces the openness\untype safeish-ness of Objective-C, I know its different but still.

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    "Objective-C still sucks"

    It still sucks much much .... much less than say C#. Don't speak about what you don't know and please don't come up with your bla, bla about types or safety, this makes no sense at all....

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    I don't think ObjC sucks at all. It's syntax, on the other hand, takes some getting used to. This is what I meant by my "beautiful" comment.

    ObjC is a platform-specific general purpose programming language (iApps, OS X apps, NeXT). ObjC, like every other programming language used by human developers, has protagonists and antagonists. Let's not turn this into a language battle. Listen to what Kevin talks about. There's more going in the conversation than a discussion about a programming tool.


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