YOW! 2011: Kevin O'Neill - Mobile App Development, PlayUp, Objective-C, Windows Phone

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The Discussion

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    Cool talk, Objective-C still sucks. Smiley (IMO, I guess I need to add this)

    Slightly funny, that he can see the problems with Android's openness\fragmentation, yet imbraces the openness\untype safeish-ness of Objective-C, I know its different but still.

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    "Objective-C still sucks"

    It still sucks much much .... much less than say C#. Don't speak about what you don't know and please don't come up with your bla, bla about types or safety, this makes no sense at all....

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    I don't think ObjC sucks at all. It's syntax, on the other hand, takes some getting used to. This is what I meant by my "beautiful" comment.

    ObjC is a platform-specific general purpose programming language (iApps, OS X apps, NeXT). ObjC, like every other programming language used by human developers, has protagonists and antagonists. Let's not turn this into a language battle. Listen to what Kevin talks about. There's more going in the conversation than a discussion about a programming tool.


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