YOW! 2011: Nigel Dalton - On Being Agile, Lonely Planet, and Lean Development

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In early 2000, having survived Y2K in the role of Software Development Manager at AXA Australia, Nigel Dalton fled to the USA to be CTO and COO of an Australian dot com startup in San Francisco - which later moved to New York, then finally Minnesota. The 4th Winter at -40C finally drove him and his family back down under, re-igniting his career in behavioral economics in New Zealand, eventually returning to Melbourne to work as General Manager IT at Lonely Planet in early 2007.

This is not a technical conversation like all of the other YOW! interviews you've seen. Instead, Nigel takes us through how he thinks about agility (lean product development, agile methodologies, etc...) and the application of agile practices to building products and running businesses that can succeed for extended periods of time (did you know that most companies that existed in 1950 no longer exist?).

So, what does agile really mean, anyway? Talk to us, Nigel. Explain.

Thanks for joining us on C9, Nigel! Fascinating conversation.

Nigel's YOW! speaker page

The YOW! Developer Conference offers outstanding opportunities to learn more about the latest practices, technologies, and methodologies for building innovative software solutions as well as the chance to meet and network with international software experts and other talented developers in Australia. Thanks to Dave Thomas and the event's excellent staff - Mary Catherine (MC), Lisa, Aino, Melissa, and others - for inviting me to this excellent pure developer event and thanks to all of the speakers for letting me take some of their time to record conversations for Channel 9. If you live in Australia, or aren't too far away, or just like to travel (who doesn't?), then you need to go to this yearly event. It's outstanding. There are many great developers down under. That's for sure. The speakers are exceptional—Dave and team set a high bar!



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