anode: An Experimental node.js Platform for Windows Azure

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anode is an experimental platform for rapidly prototyping web apps on Windows Azure. anode is built by Microsoft entirely with node.js and uses many great open source modules written by the awesome node.js community around the world. This is not a service. It's an experiment. That said, the anode team, as members of the node.js community, have released the modules they've built as part of the anode project.

Here, we meet two of the developers of anode, Elad Ben-Israel and Saar Yahalom. We discuss the What, Why and How. Tune in.



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The Discussion

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    Awesome presentation. I'm a node guy and seeing it run along side of azure makes me smile big time. I too would love to here where this is at in 6 months!!!

    As always, great job Charles and keep up the good work Elad and Saar!

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    Paddy Byers

    Interesting, but it's a shame they pinched the name of my project:

    (it's a nodejs implementation on Android)

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    @Paddy Byers: The first commit to your project is from 5 months ago, but their exists since last September ;)

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    Cool Work

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