How the Visual Studio Test Team uses Microsoft Test Professional 2010

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In this video good friend Amit Chopra interviews our Test Manager Dinesh Bhat on how the MIcrosoft Test and Lab Management Team uses Microsoft Test Professional 2010.



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The Discussion

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    Amit Chopra

    Sorry about the quality,we are working with the Channel 9 folks to get this resolved and replace it with High Quality Video, you may use the link on the right High Quality WMV and watch it directly.
    Amit Chopra

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    DZ Zweigle

    The quality really smells via web feed. But downloading the High Quality WMV was worse. Attempted 4 times to download -- timed out on your end. Moving on...

    I was excited about this video -- but not now.

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    Marco Piazzi

    I don't have the View Explorations and Explore tabs under the Test menu in MTM2010. Is it a custom feature? Smiley

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