Introducing Visual Studio 2010 Scrum 1.0 Part II

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Microsoft has just released Visual Studio 2010 Scrum 1.0, which is a new Team Foundation Server process template that enacts Scrum. Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for project management and agile software development. This template was designed from the ground up specifically for Scrum teams, including work items and reports that map 1:1 with Scrum. 

In Part II of his webcast series Richard Hundhausen walks us through through using the new Team Foundation Scrum reports, features and add-ins for getting your teams working effectively with Scrum.



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The Discussion

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    I guess this could be a very interesting video but the sound and image are horrible making it almost impossible to follow the user inputs on screen

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    I just downloaded the high quality wmv version and there is no video, only sound, I'm on windows 7  64 bits.

    I just downloaded the high quality wmv version and there is no video, only sound, I'm on windows 7  64 bits.




    Nevermind, i guess it was some Windows 7 stuff, i restarted the machine and tried again and the video is fine.

    I just downloaded the high quality wmv version and there is no video, only sound, I'm on windows 7  64 bits.




    Oh my god the video quality is horrible, this could be a great video.

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    The most UNPROFESSIONAL webcast ever!!! Do you work for SUN Microsystems? Why do you think that someone will use SCRUM 1.0 template after all of yours "ooops", "I believe", "my bad", "I hope", "I have no idea" etc. in your video? It's time to get a real job for you. I feel sorry for for anyone else who wasted two hours watching this CRAP like I did!!! Shame on you!

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    Just to say thank you for the webcast part 1and part 2.  Is there possible to get a better quality webcast?  It's just very difficult to follow.
    Thanks in advance,Nelson

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    Quality of video in this presentation is terrible, keeps freezing and not updating properly.  To be honest, first real day of watching Channel 9 videos and for modern monitors all the videos are too small and don't enlarge well.

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    NIce tutorial, but the quality is justs horrible, even with downloaded "high quaity" is even worse as it skips and freezes

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    James R

    This video should probably be removed and done by somebody a little bit more competent...

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    Stuart Hemming


    This video is > 6 months old now and no one cares enough to fix it. What makes you think new users are going to care enough to try and watch it?

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    This sucks!

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    This could have been very helpful, but the video quality is very bad.

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    This is a crying shame in my eyes; the presentation's audio, as poor quality as it is, is at least workable (at least compared to the 'black-outs' in part 1). Unfortunately the video is NOT. In comparison to your first video on Scrum, this one is in severe need of some TLC.

    To those heavily critising (such as ""Gravity""), please link higher quality / better webcasts? I mean genuinely, I would love to get a good grasp of not only the fundamentals, but the best practices that you seem not to believe the author expresses in this webcast.

    Thank you for the effort nonetheless. Pretty please with cherries and what-not, re-record this with a better grade of audio and especially video?

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    Almost all of these kinds of videos on channel 9 are pretty poorly produced (no offense).  I think it is because everyone is pressured to "perform live" and they are typically doing this for free, so they might not have the time to prep (and work through the technical kinks) as much as they would have if they were getting paid.  Plus they are typically phoning it in (literally).  I know these guys do like a thousand of these kinds of demos. It would be nice if they would be able to "replace" the live meetings with a cherry picked presentation from their collection of recorded presentations.

    Don't get me wrong though, the "live" presentation is an awesome forum for early access and insights from thought leaders.  However, once the materials and content are more commonly available, I think it would serve the public and the presenter's best interest to replace the unrefined edition with a more polished presentation. 

    I think there is a philosophy that keeping them "organic" takes the pressure off everyone with their own presentations and perhaps helps us to learn to deal with imperfection better in our daily lives.  Despite the technical glitches, we generally get the gist of the topic, and we get a few good pointers to take away at least.

    I definitely enjoyed this presentation and the numerous others.  So thanks for continuing to provide the forum and top notch speakers.

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