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Coding4Fun was at PDC 2009 showing off 5 new projects that we'll be posting complete how-to's on in the upcoming months!

With our lab coats in hand, we brought Drinktendr, Mind Blaster, Laser graffiti, Wi-Fi Warthogs and finally Goblin XNA (augmented reality)!  Best of all, almost all of these projects are done by community members too!  If you have an awesome Coding4Fun idea, hit the email button over at Coding4Fun.



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The Discussion

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    i have been waiting for this my long time


    well i say that i will comment to be the first to say thank you guys you are rock


    before i see it


    am still downloading it



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    We just think a bit differently than the rest of the world Smiley.    If you're interested, we're always looking for additional authors.

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     Nice video! Love C4F stuff and seeing a 15min + video is awesome! 


    (wtf @4.00 mins -> Huge C9 guy!)

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    i hope this is not for me Smiley



    cause my story is more complicated than you think

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