Deploy Your Web Site or Web App on Azure

Play Deploy Your Web Site or Web App on Azure

The Discussion

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    Huh! Using chrome to demonstrate azure and not internet explorer?

    Why so? Something wrong with ie?

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    There's nothing wrong with either. Many of our customers use Azure on Windows or MacOS across various browsers, including Chrome. 

    I have multiple MS accounts. This particular machine has a MS account attached to it for Store downloads that I usually use to auto-login on Edge and IE, both of which I use during ASP.NET web dev, MSDN, etc. 

    I use a different MS account for my internal Azure account, which I usually use in Chrome for some demos. 

    Use what works best for you. The Azure portal works on any  modern browser on any platform. It also allows you to build Mobile App Services and Notifications for iOS and Android in addition to Windows. You can write web apps in .NET or any other web framework/language and deploy to Windows or Linux.

    The cross-platform and cross-browser support is intentional. :)




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    Thank you, that's explain very well!!

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