Combating Corporate Security Threats: Getting Started with Log Analytics

Play Combating Corporate Security Threats: Getting Started with Log Analytics

The Discussion

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    Great introduction into log analytics!

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    Dave Spickard

    First off, thank you for your service. Great introduction. Couple of questions:

    Do you have a rollout schedule for additional regions?

    What type of analytics is available for O365?

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    @Dave Spickard:  Thanks! 

    The O365 solution provides auditing information for SharePoint, Exchange and Azure AD such as file download, Set-Mailbox, user/group changes etc.  One of my customers set it up and was immediately able to start seeing what changes his O365 admins were making in his subscription as well as file usage in SharePoint.

    As for regions.  Southeast Asia and Australia just went online in May.  I can say that more regions are coming, but I don't have a roadmap to share at this time.  I'll post if I get more info.

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    Thanks to my buddy Jamie for letting me know I accidently included a "bloopers" reel at the end of the presentation :)   Please disregard everything after the 15 min mark.  Thanks Tony

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