WannaCrypt: Conducting a Hasty Defense

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By now you have probably heard about the WannaCrypt Ransomware attack that occurred on May 12, 2017.  Despite the initial attack being stopped accidentally on May 13th by a savvy antimalware analyst, we expect future attacks using the exploits from WannaCrypt.  This short video will provide some actions you can take to conduct a "Hasty Defense" against these exploits.



The Discussion

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    Thanks Tony, nice description.

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    The magnitude of the attack wasn't so huge if businesses moved to more secure Windows 10. Obviously, many companies and especially educational and non-profit organizations stick to outdated Windows XP because they require legacy applications that are not supported by the modern OS. However, any legacy app can be repackaged to run on Windows 10 and there tools for this, e.g. http://pacesuite.com/

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