Continuum News

A gathering of posts covering what's going on in the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum.  Client Technologies include Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, WPF, Silverlight, Expression Studio, ASP.Net and Live Services.
  • Regex Hero - Silverlight-based Regular Expression Tool
  • Playing media on your home network in Windows 7
  • Preparing for Windows 7 as a Developer
  • A Developer Primer for Behaviors in Expression Blend 3
  • XAML Playground - A Designer built in Silverlight using Gestalt
  • ArcGIS Mapping and Charting API released for Silverlight and WPF
  • Great example of a WebSlice from Web Design World site
  • Internet Explorer 8 - Donating meals for downloads
  • The first version of the WPF Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit is available
  • How to use SVG in Silverlight and WPF Applications