Continuum News

A gathering of posts covering what's going on in the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum.  Client Technologies include Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, WPF, Silverlight, Expression Studio, ASP.Net and Live Services.
  • Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers now available
  • Data Matrix in WPF Tutorial
  • When to use Prism for Silverlight or WPF apps podcast
  • WPF 4 Beta 1 video series on Channel 9 is now complete
  • Silverlight-based car configurator for Mazda is now live
  • Deep Zoom Composer - June Preview version available
  • Photoshop style Blend Modes for WPF with Shaders
  • Jesse Liberty's first SL3 VS2010 Application
  • Integrating 3D into Expression Blend with ZAM 3D Tutorial
  • Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Tutorial