Continuum News

A gathering of posts covering what's going on in the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum.  Client Technologies include Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, WPF, Silverlight, Expression Studio, ASP.Net and Live Services.
  • Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers now available
  • XAML Playground - A Designer built in Silverlight using Gestalt
  • Saving Silverlight XAML to a JPEG using WritableBitmap
  • Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 includes games and optimized applications
  • Disable Buttons with a Grayscale Effect in WPF
  • How to use SVG in Silverlight and WPF Applications
  • Nikhil shows MVVM and MVC working together in Silverlight
  • Silverlight PlaneProjection (perspective transform) tutorial
  • When to use Prism for Silverlight or WPF apps podcast
  • Developing Windows 7 Multi-Touch Apps without a Multi-Touch Device tutorial