Game On Virtual Event: (Part 2) Building your First Basic GameMaker Game

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GamemakerIn this session, Daniel Egan will take the learnings from the previous session(GameMaker 101) and build the beginnings of a platformer game using GameMaker: Studio for Windows 8.

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The Discussion

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    I tried to add a sprite but it was to big and it was ina white frame.

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    i did everything you did with a floor parent and player objects with gravity and check for object, but my player continued to float there, how do I get him to fall

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    ok so idk what was wrong, but I started a new program and it worked fine, thanks

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    I am using Gamemaker 8.1.  Am I able to complete these tutorials with it?  Also, I am running Windows 7 -- does it matter if I am not using Windows 8?

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