Game On Virtual Event: (Part 6) Add Advertising to your Game

Play Game On Virtual Event: (Part 6) Add Advertising to your Game

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    OK, so the deal with the advo tab missing in the gamemaker studio has been officially solved:

    Hi Joe,
    First off, please note, [Game On Virtual Event: (Part 6) Add Advertising to your Game] is not our tutorial and there for we don't support it.
    The reason you don't have an advertising tab is because you're using the Free version. To be able to advertise, you would need GameMaker: Studio Pro + one of the modules which support advertising such as iOS or Android. On GameMaker: Studio Free, you can only deploy to Windows - this platform does not allow adverts, hence why advertising is not available.
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Kind Regards,
    James Foreman
    YoYo Games Customer Support Technician

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    Jan Van Damme


    Is it possible to add advertising in Windows8 Native, with the GameMaker Standard version?
    If not, I think this should be clearly stated on the website, I don't see in the table on



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    To clarify,  It IS possible to add advertising with the Standard Version. 

    On the free version it has certain limitations listed at the bottom of this page

    one of them lists --Developer Services Portal

    Among other things this includes advertising.  So you would need to upgrade to the Standard Version $49.00 for advertising on Windows 8.

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