Game On Virtual Event: (Part 7) Get Help

Play Game On Virtual Event: (Part 7) Get Help

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    I'd like to understand the endless runner starter kit a bit more, so I reached out to @GameDevDan also. But the documentation for the kit doesn't really make clear the concept of how endless motion is occurring.

    Sorry to ask something so simple, but in trying to explore Game Maker for the first time on my own, I can't put together the pieces of why the motion is occurring constantly. I found that the room had a speed value, but I saw it couldn't be set to "0" even for testing (least was 1). And I looked at the character object and all kinds of steps, etc., but I didn't see anything in there as far as how he's ALWAYS running on his own.

    What if I want to stop the room and the constant running animation under certain circumstances until a key is pressed (say, the forward arrow)?

    Thanks for any basics on how this concept works.

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       He is "always running" because of his sprite. If you open up sprPlayerRunning and click on Edit Sprite you will see all of his positions.  Click on the Show Preview and you will see him running.

    You can stop the running by swapping out the sprite with one that is static... or in a standing motion (swaying back and forth).

    In addition to this, you will find when you open the room, a background tab.  Each background has a different speed and is tiled horizontally.  This gives the illusion of movement.  ( a negative number will move to the left)


    Hope that helps.


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