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Michael Palermo welcomes Russell Kay, CTO at YoYo Games to the show as they discuss the two major ways to develop games using GamerMaker --- Coding vs. Drag and Drop (DnD). Tune in as they shed a little light on both techniques as well dispelling some misconceptions about DnD and mixing and matching while developing.

  • [1:39] GameMaker provides two major ways to develop games – code and/or DnD.  Which do you see used more? 
  • [4:10] Does using the DnD approach impact my game negatively in any way?  Such as performance?
  • [5:37] Let’s talk about the code approach.  Sure looks like JavaScript – is it?
  • [9:04] It appears you can mix-and-match methods for developing.  Could you provide some tips on how a developer would know when to choose one type vs. the other?
  • [12:56] Do you know of any games that were created primarily via DnD? (check out Eric Ruth!)

YoYo Games  |  Tools for Windows 8 Development

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