Angry Hacker: 10 Reasons why SQL 2008 is Going to Rock

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AngryHacker has a great post on 10 new features coming in SQL 2008 that will make it rock and/or roll. 

My favorites from his list that I didn't know about: SQL Management Studio Add-ins and new features for processing delimited strings.  

The Discussion

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    Yah, I already knew about most of those.  Plug-ins was a nice surprise.

    I'm curious how TVPs are going to work with ADO.NET.  It's cool that T-SQL supports it, but I'll usually just want to pass some table data in from code.  In the past I built small Xml Documents and passed them in.
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    I personally like the fact that Dundas Charting will be available because I happen to be working on an application that requires it. The fact that reporting is no longer tied to IIS is also a Godsend. The new seperate date and time data types are great, but the star of the show is intellisense.
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    I just personally disliked having to do any parsing (string or xml) with SQL so anything that can avoid that will be great. Speaking of Addins, I wonder if TommyCarlier should refactor parts of his DB client to be a SQL addin Smiley

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    Cool stuff, I find the Web Edition interesting, it'll probably fit perfectly for websites and I guess (hope) the price will be reasonable.
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    I think Tommy's client was for people without the SQL Management Studio... I can't really see why you'd need it if you had access to SQL Server 2008's client, with intellisense and server connection support built right in.

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