Behind the scenes: How Scott Guthrie prepares for his MIX09 keynote

Play Behind the scenes: How Scott Guthrie prepares for his MIX09 keynote
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The Discussion

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    Ha... that was great.  I especially enjoyed the dubbing while waiting outside the bathroom, and "The Gu" cape and of course, wrestling the bear Smiley
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    I LOL when I saw that Smiley
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    I KNEW it would be just like that!
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    seeng teh Gu in foil was utterly surreal Wink

    also, scott should really have a tatoo that said "Debug Life" or something:D

    i could totaly see myself as one of those groupies btw Tongue Out  (yes im wierd)

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    Ha ha..really very funny Smiley I am very happy to see this on the Microsoft website as this make you looking like normal people (though you are normal) Smiley. I would go even further..

    In any case I like the gentleman in this video and I might employ him. So who is actually that guy in the video?? Smiley ha ha

    Would you give him up??? Smiley
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    That's pretty much all I have to say.

    I thought it might be some interview on how he "actually" prepared for the mix09 keynote, but then again off course it's a spoof.

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    You mean this is not how he actually prepared?

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    I can't believe he couldn't find some time to write on his blog.  What are we going to do with our life's if the gu is not blogging?

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