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The Discussion

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    ibrahim durmus
    Thanks for sharing this talk with us. It is exciting to see the bet company is undertaking in humar-computer interaction.
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    Maddus Mattus
    Cool interview Dan,

    werent you a bit nervous to interview the big boss? you didnt seem like it Smiley
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    Gotta love the new 9. XD
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    .....aaaaaaaaaaand we have a new word....
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    Thanks Dan, great interview.
    Naaaaah, you were not nervous.. you just forgot to thank Bill for the interview.. and thanked "everyone" instead.. Smiley
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    Awesome to see Bill chat with C9 again.
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    I must say his keynote was pretty weak as a last one.
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    Thanks Dan, good interview
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    "you just forgot to thank Bill for the interview.. and thanked "everyone" instead.. Smiley "

    hehe yeah but I wouldn't be bothered about it, I'm sure bill got thanked for the 10mins of his time off camera.. such a busy guy an all lol .. was pretty relaxed interview.. and  I just sat through and watched all that, I deserve a thanks too.. and besides he's talking about stuff most of us already know anyway, well I wasn't enlightened about anything bill had to say..

    but I liked the way bill was about to laugh at javascript.. 2:03 lol ... common javascript, that's not funny Bill Big Smile

    and he at least he kept it sensible on the future predictions regarding input devices and the mention of gestures which is what I want to see better of use of...but its always general talk you never really get to hear exactly how bill looks at how he see's the the little but important features and implementation of things working within Microsofts various products...  because that's the stuff that makes me wonder how they end up screwing things up so much and going through many releases before overal things are finally done right.

    anyway good enough interview Dan Smiley
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    I wonder what this man is going to do after he "retires"  I wonder what startup he is going to get behind or what crazy thing he will come up post-microsoft
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    Did Bill just change the name of "Windows Presentation Foundation" to WP Framework?  That will be a lot of search and replace me thinks.
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    La Bomba
    Dan did forget to thank Bill! He probably did thank him off camera though, pretty relaxed interview. 

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