C9 Bytes: Don and Chris explain Oslo in 5 minutes

Play C9 Bytes: Don and Chris explain Oslo in 5 minutes

The Discussion

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    Great love the idea!   I believe the direction we are going here versus msil and others.  I like the data driven direction path and improvements with declarative models.     A platform like OSLO has been a long time coming.  Do you think it could reduce dependecy on com objects?

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    Hmm... still not very clear though as to how this whole "model is the app" principle will actually look in practice. I think we need more concrete scenarios. For example, we could try contrasting a service modelled and written with Service Factory (which is the more traditional model + code-gen type approach) vs. the same service built with Oslo (and perhaps Dublin backing that) . That could help give more traction to and a better understanding of Oslo's value.
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    Tool, Language, Repository..... FoxPro?

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