Countdown to PDC 2008: This is the Software + Services PDC, Plus a Hard Drive Chock Full o’Bits is a PDC Attendee’s Dream Come True!

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Okay, okay, maybe we’ve been a little too tight lipped about what we’re going to announce at the PDC this year.  We’ve dropped a few hints with some of our recent guests on the show (Amitabh Srivastava, Dave Campbell, Don Box and Chris Anderson, plus John Shewchuck), but folks want to hear more. What news will we have around the Live Mesh application platform and associated services?  What about the future of the client platform, including .NET and Silverlight?  And how is our services platform relevant to enterprises and ISVs who cater to enterprises?  And what about Windows 7?!?  Watch this video and get some really big clues. 


Plus……we’re announcing the very special gift that all PDC attendees will receive:  a 160GB external USB2 hard drive with all of the bits!  Could “The Goods” get any cooler?  They just did!



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    The Discussion

    • intelman
      I hope "cloud computing" dies. I prefer the software side.

      Legislation will eventually be passed due to privacy concerns. Working in IT won't be fun or worth it then. 

      Plus as a consumer, I like to be in control of my information. Live Mesh is cool, but I wouldn't store anything important there. Google Docs are pretty cool as well, but I'd never write my resume there. Skydrive is sweet, but once again I'd never put anything important there.

      With the exception of Mesh and maybe Flickr, no cloud service really has software + services down.

      Note: I wish I was going, I want the sweet hard drive for school Wink
    • NewWorldMan
      intelman, like you I use Goodle Docs, skydrive, etc., and don't store anything that would be a disaster if it became public. But from the little I've read about LiveMesh it will provide the facility to have the synchronisation hub hosted on your own server not Microsoft's. Though I suspect that feature is not available right now in the beta program.
    • pm100
      u dont think salesforce.com is successful?
    • Senf
      The drive is the coolest gift.

      PDC rocks!
    • robski
      The 160GB external drive is an inspired and very welcome idea.  Excited for PDC2008 and very best wishes in your preparations for it!
    • ZippyV
      What's with all these stupid pingbacks? Do they bring anything into this discussion, no. Then why show them?
    • jeffsand
      We do need to improve the UI and seperate these out onto a different tab or something.  We do like having the ability to show how folks off of our site are talking about content, but it shouldn't take away from the conversation here.
    • ZippyV
      Will we be able to download the contents of this hd via Bittorrent?
    • mswanson
      Great question, ZippyV. There is a lot of content on the hard drive that won't be generally available, and the only way to get it will be to receive one of the physical drives. So to answer your question, no, the contents won't be made available via Bittorrent.
    • mswanson
      Thanks for the feedback, robski. I'd be remiss if I didn't credit David Aiken for making the hard drive happen for PDC2008 attendees. We have him to thank for the tremendous coordination and effort it takes to pull all of it together.
    • ZippyV
      Ok fine, you leave me no choice but to change my avatar.
    • mswanson
      Awesome avatar change! Love it! Smiley
    • mswanson
      Your artwork is now prominenty displayed outside of my office. I've already received a few comments in the couple of minutes it's been up. Smiley

    • androidi
      Is this a confirmation that Windows 7 easily boots from USB? Because it would make most sense to give pre-rtm OS bits on a HDD so one could boot from that. Though it might be the time to move from USB to eSATA every machine has a SATA interface these days that gets almost 3x the performance of USB in real terms with current laptop HDD's.
    • manuj
      Will it be possible to purchase the bits via the eCompanyStore?

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