Countdown to PDC2008: Amitabh Srivastava, Corporate Vice President of Cloud, Infrastructure, & Services Has the Longest Title Ever!

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In a very special edition, the VP of CIS, joins Mike and Jennifer to talk about what his team will be revealing at PDC (well, he can’t really say that much yet – you’ll just have to go to the PDC to find out his news).  An  11 year Microsoft veteran, Amitabh joined Microsoft in 1997 working in our Research group.  Now he works for Ray Ozzie, and the PDC is the coming out party for his team and what they’ve been working on in the Services space.  Amitabh does give one hint:  look at their shoes! 

P.S.  Last week’s Hard Hat Challenge is still out there to be solved.  Will you be the smartest of them all?



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The Discussion

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    I like these presentations very much.
    But I would definitely change one thing which is:
    Don't cur the video when clock rings. Let the presenter finish the sentence first (or the point)
    It is not nice first and looks like some download failure thing for some people.
    I know it is the whole idea, but they try to talk about something interesting. I want to listen to the end as well... If you don't mind.

    Finishing the thought: Stop cutting  people off, stop do that, start to do it profesionaly guys!

  • User profile image
    I Love these kind of brief introductions about the new upcoming technologies and events in MS.
    This time it makes me unhappy. I am using 256 DSL connection still I cannot watch this video in one shot.
    When ever I tried to concentrate the words of Mr. Srivastva in between the ring starts rotating.

    This is very important for me to know more about the PDC....but due to this heavy load video I missed
    all the important words which is already said.

    Once it is finished I thought to listen again but again it started downloading. Why dont u make adjustable in cache for temporary use.
    At least once it is finished. We can listen second time with full of concentration and clearity.

    This is just a suggestion to improve CSAT and interest towards the new upcoming technology.


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