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Countdown to PDC2008: By Developers, for Developers: Don Box and Chris Anderson

9 minutes, 24 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Clothing optional keynotes, comparisons to the pains of childbirth, the joys of sharing an office, how to give a 90 minute speech minus PowerPoint and only writing 130 lines of code, and why PDC is the most special developer conference on the planet . . . this is one amusing show starring PDC keynote speakers, and developers by day, Chris Anderson and Don Box.  Not to mention, Mike introduces a new PDC Hard Hat Challenge! 

PS:  The brainteaser from last week remains unsolved – will you be the Mensa member who can finally crack the code?? 

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  • What a fun episode to film! While all of our keynotes are sure to be chock full of developer goodness (tm), I think that Chris and Don will be a blast to watch. They have a great sense of humor, and they're true geeks.

    Also, as the description notes, last week's Hard Hat Challenge remains unsolved. I've added a few hints to the comment section if you want to take a stab at it. Good luck!
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    Is there a way that you can share the picture that you showed in the video in this thread... Thanks.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Awesome. Looking forward to the Don and Chris show at PDC! Don't miss it, my friends.
  • Certainly, littleguru. Here you go.
  • The video is incomplete at 9:24.
  • Orand...we use a kitchen timer to keep the show short and tight. That's what you may have seen Jennifer dial at the beginning of the video. The timer tends to run a bit fast, which is why it went off at 9:24. I suppose we could explain it at the beginning of each show, but we've probably gotten lazy by assuming that everyone has seen our prior shows.
  • Chris and Don are *always* worth my time. More. More. More!
  • Boldizsár Palotáspalotasb palotasb
    Mike, could you post the image as text maybe? You see I am too lazy to type it down or to download some OCR software...
  • Let's see if the geniuses at StackOverflow.com can help us out with the code deciphering. Smiley
  • Here are some interesting stats from the cipher they flashed on the screen:

    There are 708 characters in the cipher, excluding new line characters.

    Given a chunk size of 3 characters,
    • There are 236 chunks.

    • There are 172 duplicates.

    • All the characters are numbers between 2 and 9.

    • The 323 code shows up a whopping total of 29 times!

    • The 333 code shows up 11 times.

    • All other codes show up 7 times or less.

    • 35 chunks start with a 2.

    • 200 chunks start with a 3. (Interesting!)

    • 1 chunk starts with a 4.

    • Despite the cipher containing 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s, chunks only start with 2 and 3, except the 1 chunk that starts with 4.

    • There are no 0s.

    • There are no 1s.

    • There are 115 2s.

    • There are 293 3s.

    • There are 56 4s.

    • There are 38 5s.

    • There are 49 6s.

    • There are 52 7s.

    • There are 63 8s.

    • There are 42 9s.

    The 323 code is very interesting indeed. I'm leaning towards chunk sizes of 3 being involved somehow. We'll see!
  • Boldizsár Palotáspalotasb palotasb
    How many tables are at ask the experts?

    More than 200. http://www.microsoftpdc.com/Agenda/UnSessions.aspx#ask-the-experts

    A 15-yr old kid from Hungary who now feels cool.

    PS. I will be posting how to solve it in a few hours.
  • Congratulations, palotsab! You have indeed validated your geek credibility. Great job. Please send us an e-mail at pdccount (at) microsoft.com, and we'll coordinate your very limited edition PDC2008 internal t-shirt. I can't wait to read how you worked through the Challenge. Smiley
  • So, I was on the right track with the "chunks of 3" thing. Cool. But I wasn't able to solve it.

    Just finished talking to palotasb (Boldizsar) above who solved it. He posted a discussion of how he solved it at his blog.

    Wow. Nice solve. I'm blown away by his hacking skills. 15 year old, of all things!

    Congrats on the solve!
  • Thanks for the link to palotasb's blog, Judah. And great write-up, palotasb! You even recognized the small "clues" at each step...very impressive.

    I'm working on this week's Challenge as we speak. It should be another fun one. Smiley
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    Wow cool... Smiley I was also thinking for it being some kind of Base<something> encoding in the end... But really cool how he solved it Smiley
  • How many tables at ask the experts?
  • Sorry, didn't realize someone had already solved it:)

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