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    For the people that couldn't make it to the pdc or missed some sessions: will we be able to get all the sessions on DVD (or download)?

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    You bet, all of our sessions will be online, free, and available to anyone and everyone.  Keynotes will be streamed live, and breakout sessions will be availabe in 24 hours or less each day!
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    Why then pay $$$ for the PDC?

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    To expereince all that, ask questions to people organizing this / various teams that will be presenting there. Look at the code samples more deeply, take part in their labs, etc.
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    Not to mention you get to hang out with fellow devs from all over the world. Oh yeah. And have a great time to boot! Smiley PDC is a special event. The king of all Microsoft dev conferences, IMHO.

    Book it.
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    It's a great question, ceat. There's nothing like being at a PDC...especially if you you're a professional developer or architect interested in the future of the Microsoft platform. Attendees tell us (via survey feedback) that--while content is certainly a very important part of the event--the ability to network with both Microsoft employees who build the products and with fellow peers is one of the primary reasons they attend. There's really no better way to jump-start your brain and get inspired about what you can do with the next generation of our technology.

    But, if for some reason you can't attend (or even if you can), we'll always make recordings of the session content (except for pre-cons) available to everyone on the planet. We've been doing this since PDC05, and we've evolved the process at MIX06, MIX07, and MIX08.
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    I cannot recommend attending the pre-conference sessions. At PDC05 I attended PRE03 presented by Brandon Bray, Anson Tsao and others. Anson had some gems in his slide deck that I really wanted. There's a problem, though. Microsoft presenters believe that the slides and everything will be available to attendees on the DVD afterword, so they don't bother printing them out. But that's wrong. Indeed, in the conference guide for PDC05 on page 39 it says "Pre-conference sessions, Hands-on labs, and keynote/general sessions are not included".

    Even after pestering the presenters with email after the DVD arrived, I never got Anson's slides.
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    Ok, you convinced me, I'm registered.
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    so will there be anytihing on the accelerator project? (the .net paralell librariy that compiles the code to pixel/vertex shaders and executes them on the gpu)

    the tpl team mentioned accelerator in a interview on c9 a while back but there wasnt much info there :/

    i really really like to know whats going on there because the that tech is super awsome and could really revolutionize .net development and absolutly destroy the competition performance wise

    good to hear that the wm_in precon is for everyone Smiley that is a step in the right direction imo Smiley

    i cant go to pdc because im on the oher side of the pond :/ but i cant wait for the sessions to go online Smiley

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