Countdown to PDC2008: Extending the Data Platform to the Cloud

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Dave Campbell, a Microsoft Technical Fellow and SQL Server guru, talks about what his group has been working on and what they will be unveiling at the PDC.

Dave is giving a session on data-driven applications that go from the device to the cloud, and the all important reduction in provisioning friction.  In this Countdown episode we talk about how cloud-based data services will change the way you develop and deploy applications, and how SQL Server technologies are evolving to help build data-driven solutions that span devices, desktops, servers, and the cloud. Hear how to build applications that can be deployed using SSDS in the cloud or SQL Server on-premises, and learn how to gain insights using the BI capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server.


BTW, Mike still can’t believe he’s stumped y’all with his last Hard Hat Challenge.  It’s still unsolved if anyone is feeling up for the challenge!



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