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Special guest star Jason Olson explains Open Space at PDC2008. The "Birds of a Feather" sessions were considered too structured and too boring. Enter Open Space, the new (to the tech industry) way to create ad-hoc "un"-conferences. Open Space will be located in the main room right next to the track lounges and not shunted to some back corner in the middle of the night. Smiley 

The topics are driven 100% by the attendees. No demos, no podiums, just conversation and lots of fun!  Watch the video to learn more. 



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The Discussion

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    Yet another informative episode, 

    (Although I felt like cursing the timer this time Smiley  I understand that you guys must be busy but can we inrease the minutes so that atleast we don't cut the conversation in between)

    Woud the open space sessions also be recorded ? It would be really interesting to watch it.


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    Indeed, they should really get rid of that Timer thing

    I for one would like to here some info about Students, I'm a student in IT and would Really love to go to PDC, are there any things I should be aware of (except of the high price) ?
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    Wow, I've never seen Jason's hair Smiley
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    Open Spaces should be streamed on something like UstreamLive with a chat group so others can join the conversation not just pdc guests.  This would seem to benefit them as well as others that could not make it.
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    LOL. Yeah, I left my favorite hat at the midnight showing of Hancock on launch night (and someone walked away with it), and left my other hat down in Portland when I went to my sister's wedding. So, sadly, no hat for me lately Sad.

    All sorts of people at work have been making comments: "OH MY GOODNESS, you have HAIR!!!!!". LOL
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    Stacey, that is a fabulous idea. I'll jot this down and start seeing what we would need to do to make this possible.

    Thanks for the suggestion Smiley.
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    Jomit, currently, no. I haven't written off the idea altogether though. The real concern is that I'm not sure how much value it would provide since the best part of Open Space is the conversation. That's not locked in stone though, so I'll open the thought back up.

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