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To remember Bill Gates's last day at Microsoft, we asked Larry Osterman, Bill Hill, Joan Hoshino, and Soma Somasegar to share their favorite Bill Gates stories.



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    for a second, i though that guy with the red shirt was richard stallman ..smile.. he look like him, doesnt he? ..my mind went to close to 200 different directions wondering what he could possibly be doing at microsoft ..then ..4 seconds later, i realised it wasnt him ...

    ..i havent watched the video so no comments about the video ..
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    How long has Larry been at Microsoft anyway?

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    I believe since 1984, so 23 years Smiley
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    Doctor Who
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    Way too little facial hair for him to be Stallman.

    Those stories were neat. I love the idea of Bill in the car going "Faster, faster!"
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    Yeah, the car story was great.
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    Well I dont have much to share about Bill Gates. I had read two articles in a book, which I am sharing below :-

    a) Bill Gates was spotted as an excellent programmer in his school days and he had started developing software for the classroom sitting arrangement. The software he developed had been designed in such a way, that the girls whom Bill Gates liked sat next to him !!!!!!!!!!

    Don't you see Windows + IE6 or something of that in the above design.

    b) Bill Gates gave the last finishing touches to  MS-DOS in a flight. He was flying to meet IBM officials to give a demonstration of MS-DOS .

    P.S. I read the above stuff in a book I borrowed from USIS.

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