IE Team to Mozilla: Congratulations!

The Discussion

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    So are we to take it that the IE logo is officially 3d?
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    but does it taste like cake? Tongue Out and is it any good.. y'know some cakes are just much better tasting than others .. you just don't know if IE team has used the right amount of ingredients.. following recipe standards is still hard thing for the IE team Smiley

    And IE looks like a browser just like that cake looks like cake but when you use something like Maxthon that taste/experience of something of much better.. well you just don't go back, but I'm still looking for that Uber cake that just gets everything right.
    funnily enough Firefox3 is a bit like a cake with a good enough base but with no toppings or icing what a let down Tongue Out still if you got the time to faff about finding all those extras or making it yourself it ain't so bad far from great though.

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    hmmm the 3d 'e' cake - cause u know cake just sucks if it isn't 3d
    so far ff3 is pure sugary sweetness  - but in all fairness, the ie team is still trying to improve the browser
    I think one of the guys at ff suggest trading some ideas - who knows, that may be the sweet future
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    I hope it would be an inspiration for IE Team to work harder for IE 8. IE has been terribly playing catch up with Mozilla recently! Come on! IE is part of Windows make it faster, less memory leaks, and less crashes!

    Goodluck to the IE Team as well! I am looking forward for Microsoft's release.
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    Mmmm... what kind of cake is it?

    And... is the cake a lie?
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    There is a bug here.  Half of the post gets covered up from the bottom (below Comment on post) with no way to scroll down.  Kinda strange.
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    Works in Firefox 3 :-/

    But yeah, I see the problem too.
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    Haha, my Firefox 3 crashes if I want to load this page.
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    Cool upgrade!  Cake 2.0 is better than Cake 1.0 for ff.

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