Marc Mercuri and Kyle Johns: Inside RoboChamps

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Charles talks to Software Developer Kyle Johns and Architect Marc Mercuri about Microsoft’s new simulated robotics competition, RoboChamps.  A number of subjects were discussed from the technologies used in the competition (and it’s supporting website, RoboChamps.com), how Enterprises are finding the underlying technologies useful for more than just robots, and a first look at one of the 3-D ‘worlds’ participants will be using.

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For more information on RoboChamps, visit:
- RoboChamps Website
- Channel 10 Overview of RoboChamps
- Robotics Homepage
- Robotics: A New Approach



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The Discussion

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    I just thought I'd let you guys know the website isn't working for me.

    I had to install silverlight, although I installed it before but I think that was version 1.0.

    After install, I had to go back to the website, redirecting and refreshing didn't work.

    Now, when I go to the site, it looks like I only see the background, but the code of conduct, terms of use, etc, links at the bottom work.
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    Meta -
    We've had some initial reports of folks having issues with the initial Silverlight install. If you open a new browser instance and see the same issue, please contact me direct - mmercuri@microsoft.com, and we'll get you sorted.


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