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    Next time I'm redecorating: whiteboard walls.

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    This really simplifies data replication and remote access I hope they do the same for TS web access with silver light http://narenda.mvps.org/coolts/ and soft grid the reason why I bring this up is I may want to show a friend my application or allow him to use the application but I may not want him to see my desktop or other data some people have images that may not be appropriate for work or music that they enjoy in private but may not want their friends to know they listen to. I may want to access an application at work but not the whole system or if I’m at a friend’s home I may want to let him try out an application like office without needing to supervise him to make sure he/she is not altering my data windows live sky drive has a public folder so that not everyone needs to have access to sensitive data. Another great idea would be to have a windows vista gadget that uses info card .

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    Can you currently (or in the near future) create a one way mesh synch?  So, files from child folders can update a central parent folder.  The use I am looking for is press releases from childco to parentco (reducing duplication of effort).

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