Mike Taulty: 44 Amazing Silverlight 2.0 Screencasts

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    I met Mike once, at a SL introduction that was part of the VS08 pre-launch event. Really nice feller.
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    One thing:  I like the Silverlight thing he did to show several of his screencasts,  it would be sweet if we could take that and add a few tewaks and use it for all of them.


    not sure if the ones there and the ones here are the same or different.... looks like that page has the first ones and here the list is longer.
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    Yes, they are the same videos. I've copied them to C9 as we ( i.e. the MSDN guys in the UK ) are trying to use C9 for our screencasting in the future as a way of keeping everything in one place and, hopefully, reaching a lot of people with them Smiley

    Also, that Silverlight app that I built is a little "fragile" in that I built it on B1 and had to do a quick port to B2 so I'd like to shut that down at some point and just leave the videos here on C9 but, for now, I'll leave the app so that links like yours still work.



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    Hey!  Mike,  I like the use of SL to list and show the vids.
    I was thinking that something like that with a bit more features would be cool.

    the current vids here do not use a sl player just windows media player, are they going to be wrapped in a sl player later?

    I like the sl scruber so I can FF and backup to catch details.
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    Amazing, keep up the good work Smiley
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    Maddus Mattus
    Very nice indeed Smiley

    Will look at all 44 when I have the time Wink
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    Flash can playback dynamically generated audio. Can I do that with Silverlight 2.0?
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    Very nice work Mike!!

    Can learn lot of stuff here.

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    Top notch stuff.  Well done!

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    Hello Sir,

    These video's are a tremenous contribution. This is exactly what my team and I have been hunting for.

    Thank you.
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    Suggestion: Put a video about Error Handling including async web services request and things like that.
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    These are a godsend. Thanks Mike!
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    Thanks Mike. I am following your casts and they are really amazing. Keep up the good work!!

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    Brent C

    Well done.  Do you have the source code available to download for these screencasts?

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