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New PDC Sessions on Windows 7

PDC 2008

As Steve Clayton points out, the list of official sessions at PDC (October 27-30th) was recently updated with four Windows 7 sessions on graphics, touch computing, energy efficiency and new native networking APIs for Web services.   

Windows 7: Graphics Advances
Windows 7 enables you to advance the graphics capabilities of your applications while carrying forward existing investments in your Win32 codebase, including GDI and GDI+. New enhancements to DirectX let Win32 applications harness the latest innovations in GPUs and LCD displays, including support for scalable, high-performance, 2D and 3D graphics, text, and images. Also learn how to leverage the GPU's parallelism for general-purpose computation such as image processing.

Windows 7: Optimizing for Energy Efficiency and Battery Life
A single application can reduce mobile battery life by up to 30%. Windows 7 provides advances for building energy-efficient applications. In this session we will discuss how to leverage new Windows infrastructure to reduce application power consumption and efficiently schedule background tasks and services.

Windows 7: Touch Computing
In Windows 7, innovative touch and gesture support will enable more direct and natural interaction in your applications. This session will highlight the new multi-touch gesture APIs and explain how you can leverage them in your applications.

Windows 7: Web Services in Native Code
Windows 7 introduces a new networking API with support for building SOAP based web services in native code. This session will discuss the programming model, interoperability aspects with other implementations of WS-* protocols and demonstrate various services and applications built using this API.

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  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    Could you remove this post from the frontpage? It's already to crowded with so many videos released today and I think the frontpage should be reserved for videos only.
  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch
    We're experimenting with something here, which is the introduction of text posts onto Channel 9. The idea being is that we want to highlight what folks in the community are saying about developer topics. We will be measured in how often we do this, this was a "test post" for style and length.  I'll go in and shorten the preview text on the homepage for the post.

    The overall idea is there are things we'd like to share that might not require a video and we'd like to drive some traffic to community blogs too. This was something we did in the early days of Channel 9 and would like to do more of.

  • Go Microsoft !!!!!!!Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!

    Excuse me my question
    Steve Clayton work in  Microsot??

  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch
    Yes, he does. The idea being to link out to posts by both Microsoft Employees and the community.
  • Go Microsoft !!!!!!!Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!
  • srry

  • Jogos

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