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Scott Hanselman hosts a live Q&A from MIX09 with Scott Guthrie. You'll hear questions on future features of Silverlight, Silverlight adoption, Expression Blend, ASP.NET MVC, and much more.



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The Discussion

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    cool stuff,  always fun to see the Gu Smiley too bad he didnt have any sessions though Sad
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    Just a general feedback thing, not related to this video.  Could it show the length of the video before I click play? Sometimes I don't have a lot of time to watch it and would like to know if it's a 45 minute video vs a 10 minute video.
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    Yes, I agree with spivonious. It would be great to know the length before starting any vids.

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    After watching Keynote 2.  The lady that designed the new medicine bottles had some good thoughts on Primary and Secondary data that can incorporate into VS and Blend.  If .Net had a notion for *Categagories* of data, you could do a lot of tooling support with that.  For example on forms laylout.  You could automatically (with a wizard) format textbox locations on the screen based on Primary/Secondary/Other data tags and predefined styles and usability research.  Primary data would have a more prominant location and format, and others would be less prominant.  Styles categories can then be changed.

    There should also be UX summary form of validation rules for client and server data.  Instead having to dig around into each field, there should be a summary UX of all validation rules and easy way to change them inplace.

    This could lead to a new feature of Intelligent design / Assisted design for quick RAD with science behind it.
    For example, maybe I move an Last Name field to upper right instead of the upper left.  Today, I have to move every other address field and realign everything which takes a lot of time.  With an Assisted design "helper" running, the UX knows to move the other Address fields in the same category along and place them in proper order and alignment for me.  So we are still the puppet master, but the smart "bot" does most of the leg work and uses its design rules engine.  Maybe blend 3 has some of this already?

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    If you hover over the Play icon that's positioned over the midle of the inline player, you will see the title and duration appear beneath your cursor. We do need to make it more obvious and we will.

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