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    I don't get this.  Sounds like a lot of work to create a binary serializer (already in .net) and reading/writing to a flat file.  As the objects are RW in memory and the db is behind a service and ACID was side stepped (or ignored when convenient) anyway.  You may as well had a worker thread doing the write-throughs from the object db to the db store with async messages.  This would give you at least as good ACID as what you have.  As you said, it is not the end of the world if 1 of my kills gets dropped because of a server or network failure.  The db msg server could be on same box or different box.  Sounds like you tried to create c-style version of Linq, but not really.  Not sure you explored using SQL enough before spending tons of time on something custom.

    Your writes need to be lazy anyway and the db is abstracted so it should not have mattered (to a point) what db tech was on the back end.  Using either method, you are always playing storage catch up with best effort. IMO, there was a way to make sql work and get all the bennefits of a sql backend (i.e. tooling, query, etc.) 
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    Skimming over this it sounds like they do not know how to really use a sql database.

    you have to balance normal form Vs. Perf.  you have to know how to setup indexes, you have to know how to use stored procs and indexed views and so on....

    sounds like a lot of very bad info ....

    some truth in what he points out but most of the problems could have been fixed by a good design.

    sometimes it's amazing... Perplexed
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    They wanted to use Sql Server to store the contents of an entire virtual gameworld in real-time and they noticed the performance sucked. Perplexed

    They just gave the best example of how NOT to use a database.
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    There is allready a very popular MMO that uses MS SQL Server for it's data, EVE Online Smiley

    They just tune it really well, and running IO from a RamSan system kinda helps I think Wink

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