Softies pranking Softies: A step-by-step video for pranking co-workers

Play Softies pranking Softies: A step-by-step video for pranking co-workers
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    Need to add that the first guy to walk in on Xander when he came back for more was my boss.  The 2nd guy was my bosses boss, our group program manager....

    Spent some time today talking to my programming class at Heritage Homeschool Cooperative about putting some HUMOR into Error Messages... Developers need to LOOSEN UP! Smiley
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    Hooo, that is really horrible pic and sound, naughty boy~
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    Scott... if only you knew what's in store for you... one mustn't speak so haughtily, lest they attract the attention of knarp gods...
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    Only 1 guy busted?

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