Swine Flu (H1N1) Tracker Web Slice Released


The rapid spread of the H1N1 flu virus is obviously a source of concern across the world. To offer an easy way to stay up to date, we’ve just released a new web slice for Internet Explorer 8 that offers the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Check it out, and stay safe out there!

The Discussion

  • Charles
    Thank you for doing this, Giorgio Sardo! Installed.
  • elmer
    Why? What do you plan to do with the information ??
  • Charles
    I'm not sure I understand the question? The slice provides a convenient way to track the infection spread, follow the various conversations happening on the web regarding the virus, etc. This is very useful to have in a single point of reference that is easily accessible from your toolbar...
  • elmer
    The question was more along the lines of wondering what actual use the information was ? i.e. how is it actually of benefit ??

    stay safe out there!    ???

    I don't think so, and unless you are actually a researcher in the field, I suspect its only value is voyeuristic.

    With no disrespect intended, I do wonder sometimes if this sort of thing is not just another You-Tube type of distraction that is beginning to define the internet.
  • gioker84

    Umh...what should we say then about those people that read or listen to murders/crimes on the newspapers or TV News? Are them all serial killers? Smiley

    Information is the key. Without information, there would not be freedom. Are Web Slices going to save the world? Maybe not (maybe...), but at least they will help us to be more connected with the information that we want. Because at the end of the day, it's up to you to subscribe to the Swine Flu, Ebay, ESPN Soccer, or one of the other hundreds web slice... Smiley

  • elmer
    I'm not arguing against any of that, and not really even arguing for/against anything... more questioning if we really need to be able to do something like track swine flu in detail ?

    More of a general feel thing really... I just look at the way the press love hysteria, the way every nutcase on the planet seems to have a blog announcing imminent doom, and the way people love to gawp at and devour it all, and shudder a little bit at the whole "big brother" & "jerry springer" type of "reality entertainment" focus the internet is developing.
  • John Melville-- MD

    Just because YOU don't need up to the minute information about H1N1 influenza doesn't mean that other people don't.  And, no, I am not an influenza researcher/

    I am the point doc for my hospital on H1N1 influenza, and I have been monitoring the CDC website several times a day to try to keep up with the most recent technical descriptions and guidance documents.  I am also working on several community leaders who need up-to the minute information as we make difficult decisions about community preparedness and planning activities.

    So CDC has two choices 1) spend a lot of resources they don't have trying to verify credentials for each of the thousands of doctors, nurses, ems responders, and cities who have a real need for real time information. or 2) Open it up to everyone and just let the gawkers realize how boring our jobs really are.  (That is, after all, why I demand money to keep me doing it.)  Opening it up also helps lessen the rumors that are eventually going to surface that the government has some deep, dark, ulterior motive regarding flu or its response to it,

    The webslice is a cool idea.  Personally I'm subscribed to the RSS, but to each his own.

  • BlackTiger
    I can see dead... pigs! They are everywhere! Each out of... 600.
  • salincak

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