TWC9: C9 Live at PDC, Teamprise, SDKs galore,

Play TWC9: C9 Live at PDC, Teamprise, SDKs galore,
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    "- Dan's pick: Dragon Age Origins  the game and the awesome toolset and developer wiki for building your own adventures."

    I Like this game, simple and fun.

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    dragon age rulez Smiley im having some problems getting the toolset though, word on the street is that its a steam issue but i dunno.. it asks for the serial but it then it doesnt except it.. anyone else having simlar trouble with steam copies of the game?

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    I sure will love to see Office 2010. There are some stupid calculation errors in Excel 2007. I hope MS can solve it before release 2010.

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    Looking forward to listening in! Sounds like a lot of useful and great information!



    Apex Professionals

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    Dragon Age rules,   slight correction in the vid though. Bioware Made Neverwinter Nights, at least the awsome version with the toolset.  Neverwinter Nights 2 was made by Obsidian Games, (if memory serves me correct, through a license from Bioware) this is before the sell off of the computer licenseing of DnD to infrogames AKA Atari, which has basically sat on the license since then. 


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