This Week on C9: April Fools Day, open source MVC, ExceLINQ, and cool Silverlight apps

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developer news including:

- Scott Guthrie - ASP.NET MVC now is OSI certified open source, using the Microsoft Public License. 
- New Microsoft MVPs announced
- Bart de Smets - ExceLINQ - a prototype of an Excel provider for LINQ
- Scott Hanselman - Paving a machine must-have applications
- Chris Auld - Intergen's TextGlow a Silverlight-based OpenXML document viewer's source code now available
- VSTS Ranger Team - VS Team Test 83 Page Reference Guide available, via Greg Duncan
- TBODA Web Team - 5 Useful SQL Server Scripts
VB QuickStarts and How-To topics for PRISM available
Giovanni Montrone - Coding4Fun Article - Silverlight Image Comparison tool (see live demo)

April Fools Day Favorites
- Larry Larsen - The Microsoft Surface Stove
- Brian Peek - TwitterDrive, The Revolution in Cloud Storage
- ThinkGeek - Tauntaun Sleeping Bag (note: TG is now trying to productize this)
- Xbox - Alpine Legend (video)

Picks of the week
- Brian's pick: April Fools Day episode of 10-4 on Sentient DSLs
- Dan's pick: Extreme Sheep LED Art video, via Wes Hutchins



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