This Week on C9: Windows 7, Silverlight 2 ships, and PDC attendee fun

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This Week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan talk about this week's developer news, including:

Windows 7 is the official name of the next release of Windows

- Silverlight 2 RTWs (demo video), via Scott Guthrie's blog

- Photosynth wins breakthrough award from Popular Mechanics, via LiveSide

- Deep Zoom Image Composer updated for Silverlight 2

- 2 Part series on Building Facebook Applications with Silverlight 2 RTW, via Alvin Ashcraft

- Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) enables you to dynamically build files in Visual Studio projects more at Oleg Sych and Scott Hanselman's blog

- Nikhil Kothari's Silverlight Fx Library updated

- Scott Hanselman gives a shout out to This Week on C9 Hooligans and actually implements Silverlight +networking support to BabySmash for PDC!

- Wiirtual Earth - A WPF Virtual Earth 3D Experiment via Brian Peek

- Larry Osterman - Engineering 7: A view from the bottom

- Windows Vista Bridge samples are .NET callable wrappers for new Vista APIs via Greg Duncan

- XAML to PNG Converter library

- Codeproject article on Codeproject article scraping

- 15 ways to track Web site popularity

- Going Deep 100th Episode!: Erik Meijer and Bart de Smet

- Coding4Fun projects at PDC - Unreal Tournament AI bots, a free robot a day, Segway skateboard project, and Virtual World Simulator

- Show Off contest at PDC, Monday 8:30pm - 10pm

- The Underground at PDC, Wednesday 6pm - 2am

- Codeplex meet at PDC at Channel 9 lounge, Wednesday 1:30pm

- Brian's pick of the week: Scott Hanselman's PDC talk will show BabySmash on Silverlight 2 with networking support

- Dan's pick of the week: Coding4Fun session at PDC - iTunes, YouTube, Wiimote, BabySmash, and Twitter, Tuesday at 12:45pm



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    So, I get my first mention on your show, and my blog readership drops to its lowest number in 6 months. You guys are killing me Wink

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you like the Facebook tutorial.

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    Ouch on the traffic numbers, who knew we had a negative effect on traffic! 

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    modem baud commands... lol Big Smile
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    high vis

    I also read a lot of blogs everyday. I cant even recall all of them, but there are also favorite blogs of mine. Your compilation is very nice, I want to compile mine also if I could have the time. Its so nice to see your article.

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