ThisWeekC9 - PDC10, Azure in a box, Windows Phone 7 Tools Beta, and Kings Quest

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

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    The Discussion

    • Bas

      That King's Quest game isn't so much a remake but a completely new game. The original game was remade years ago.

    • Sven Groot

      The first King's Quest (which is properly spelled with an apostrophe Tongue Out ) actually has more than one remake. First there was the original AGI version, then Sierra's own 16 colour EGA SCI0 remake (which is relatively little known). And then there's AGD Interactive's VGA remake which uses a technology level roughly equivalent to SCI1.


      But this new game, The Silver Lining, is not a remake of any of the existing 8 official King's Quest games, as Bas pointed out.

    • neverbeen

      Why do I have to download a 177MB WMV file to view this video??!! Why is the video not silverlight based?


      Is it something to do with me or is that how it  is? I mean... what crap!

    • rhm

      I'm sure the ASP.NET team will love you likening their new Razor shinyness to class ASP and PHP Smiley


      I think the point is that with ASP.MVC, the old ASP Webforms engine was still the default template engine for views and although you weren't using server controls any more, you still needed to insert code into the view to be able to loop around collections and also to call HTML Helpers. The old Webforms engine syntax with the bee-sting escaping was pretty cumbersome and so Razor is now available to streamline the main use cases of doing loops and conditionals and calling helper objects.

    • Dan

      I added an apostrophe, but not to the title of the post as that gets URL-encoded. 


      Either way, it sounds like it's my misunderstanding - they aren't remaking King's Quest exactly as-is, but using parts of the storyline, setting, characters for an all new game. Either way, it looks pretty cool to me Smiley



    • Dan

      This can happen if the Silverlight Player doesn't load right away, we link to the file. To solve this, load the page, wait until the page has fully loaded, then click the play link. Sorry for that.

    • Dan

      To be clear, Razor is a syntax that can be used in ASP.NET MVC *and* completely standalone in CSHTML pages. The CSHTML page model, known as ASP.NET Web Pages is very similar to classic ASP or PHP from a programmability perspective. Check out Scott Guthrie's blog about how ASP.NET Web Pages are for beginners (skip the beginning chunk and jump down to "Why ASP.NET Web Pages?") 

    • srikalyan

      I am really excited but no green Sad. Yeh! hats off 2 internet.

    • Charles

      To pile on... Andrew Nurse will be blogging a sample using Razor in a console app. ASP.NET MVC integration is one application for the parser technology.


    • neverbeen


    • ligAZ


      Do you plan to add support for markers in the Silverlight's player so that we can skip to specific parts of the This Week On C9 video?

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