Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 2 - Building Federated Search applications

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    Hi Brandon! Great overview. I like the split screen view. Smiley

    What does specify whether or not I can filter the results by a returned tag? Like for example get the results and then filter in a way that only yellow bikes are shown in the explorer view.
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    For those of you wondering if the ailing economy has taken its toll on Microsoft employees, you can now see that I apparently can't even afford a decent hair cut Tongue Out

    • What does specify whether or not I can filter the results by a returned tag?

    In-memory filtering works for any property, but since in-memory filtering may often operate over a subset of the results on the server, the usefulness may be limited over large result sets.

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    Yeah. But it makes sense to filter results or even sort them after they have been returned by the server...

    @haircut: at least you don't eat anything in the video... hehe
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    I wonder who's that gifted individual that painstakingly handcrafted that Channel 9 search connector... Smiley
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    I was hoping to hear more about searching multiple sources at the same time, and merging of those results. Does this functionality exist? If not, is it planned?
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    Congratulation TEAM!!!!!!!
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    Dark Phoenix

    Yeah, this is all really great. Very fancy. And yet, there is no basic drag and drop feature for organizing files. Unbelievable. I should have stayed with XP

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