Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 2 - Building Federated Search applications

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In Part 1, you saw the user experience of finding and organizing your files in Windows 7.

In Part 2, David Washington and Brandon Paddock show how developers can build federated search applications that enable you to easily search your organization's intranet or the Web and integrate those search results directly into Windows Explorer.

The best part is that instead of needing to install software on Windows 7 to get new search providers, you simply run an XML configuration file to add a search provider to your machine!

- Watch their PDC session here too



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The Discussion

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    Hi Brandon! Great overview. I like the split screen view. Smiley

    What does specify whether or not I can filter the results by a returned tag? Like for example get the results and then filter in a way that only yellow bikes are shown in the explorer view.
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    For those of you wondering if the ailing economy has taken its toll on Microsoft employees, you can now see that I apparently can't even afford a decent hair cut Tongue Out

    • What does specify whether or not I can filter the results by a returned tag?

    In-memory filtering works for any property, but since in-memory filtering may often operate over a subset of the results on the server, the usefulness may be limited over large result sets.

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    Yeah. But it makes sense to filter results or even sort them after they have been returned by the server...

    @haircut: at least you don't eat anything in the video... hehe
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    I wonder who's that gifted individual that painstakingly handcrafted that Channel 9 search connector... Smiley
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    I was hoping to hear more about searching multiple sources at the same time, and merging of those results. Does this functionality exist? If not, is it planned?
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    Congratulation TEAM!!!!!!!
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    Dark Phoenix

    Yeah, this is all really great. Very fancy. And yet, there is no basic drag and drop feature for organizing files. Unbelievable. I should have stayed with XP

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